ISLAND TOUR - everything included drinks lunch entrance fee and you would circle the island and see everything -romney manor, caribelle batik, brimstone hill fortress, black rocks, the peninsula, Basseterre - the capital, lots of other scenic and interesting places then have a beach snorkel stop if you like. beach is friars or cockle shell.
lunch is 'roti' you would have at a beach... a wrap with potato, mild curry, spices, and a choice of beef, chicken, conch or veggie.
After the island tour (about 4 hours) the group can be separated if some would like to be back to the ship, have more beach time or do more sightseeing.
$45 each

VOLCANO HIKE -  about 2 miles of rugged hiking to the top of the crater rim through rain forest so shaded, and no bad plants, bugs or animals. best to wear shorts lose enough for stepping up, t-shirt or tan top and hiking or running shoes. you get to see the island too because the trail is on the opposite end of the island. (considered strenuous)
$80 each

SNORKELING - you get to stop at 3 of the best spots down the south east peninsula, where most of the best beaches and scenic places are on the island. snorkeling gear and life vests included. 

TO MEET AT PORT - as you get on the port you go through the big entrance building and I would be on the other side facing you with a sign of my name and wearing a yellow shirt. My cell is 869 663-4529 you can take just in case, someone at the port would help make a call. If you get there before I do, you can wait or walk around and come back in a few minutes.
meeting preferably within the first 15 minutes of when passengers are let off the ship but would do any preferred time. 
pay after the trip, cash or travelers check. 

HOTEL PICKUP - at 9:00am anywhere.  
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